Week One: Critiquing Theory

Film theory is a point that is trying to be given to its audience. Everyone has their different way of looking at different films. Film theory is an art form. There is a story behind every movie, and everyone has a different way of understanding it. I agree that film has different levels of realization, and reaches us at different points. In David Weddle’s article “Lights, Camera, Action. Marxism, Semiotics, Narratology” Weddle is trying to say that when we watch a movie our mind is at a different level and we don’t even realize it. What I really understood was when Weddle brought up the comparison of film theory to philosophy. Film theory relies on reason than actual fact, and that was the point he was trying to get across. Film theory to me I think is very difficult because you have to really understand the movie to actually interpret it and agree/disagree with points made about it. Weddle also makes a point that the idea of film theory is a lot of pointless information, but it may be needed to understand those technical or original concepts when functioning in the area. Overall it may not go to waste. I agree with this because film theory indeed will never go to waste. It’s a way of the audience to express their thoughts.

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