Week Five: Art For The Artist’s Sake

The term “auteur” is defined as a filmmaker whose movies are described by some sort of influence from the filmmaker. Films are like books. The director’s job is to catch the audience’s attention. The film has to be unique. “The first premise of the auteur theory is the technical competence of a director as a criterion of value. The second premise of the auteur theory is the distinguishable personality of the director as a criterion of value. Over a group of films, a director must exhibit certain recurrent characteristics of style, which serve as his signature. The way a film looks and moves should have some relationship to the way a director thinks and feels.” (Cohen, Braudy 562) Andrew Sarris in real meaning produced the vocabulary of “auteur theory” insists that the theory had three principles. According to Sarris, we should view a similar and reliable theme and method that the auteur holds. Camera movements and angles, as well as techniques are likely to be consistent. The movies should also hold a thoughtful meaning and personality that differentiates who the auteur is. To me Tim Burton is a great example of the auteur theory. His style in film always stays the same. He has this dark gothic style to all his films.

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